Brighton Indies is a friendly pub meet up for people who make (or are interested in making) games (and game-like things) in Brighton (and nearby).

Everyone with an interest in making games is welcome. Brighton Indies is a place to meet, chat and – if you like! – show what you’re working on. There are no talks, and you don’t need to turn up at a particular time.

Where and when?

We usually meet on the first Wednesday of every month at The Fountain Head pub in Brighton, but check Facebook or Twitter to be sure.

We’re there from 6pm. We’re easy to find – there are signs for “Brighton Indies” on the tables.


Brighton Indies is run by Kerry Turner and Edward Parris.

If you’re new and shy and don’t know who to talk to, look for us when you turn up!

Kerry on Twitter
Edward on Twitter

Brighton Indies on Facebook
Brighton Indies on Twitter


Can I sponsor/recruit at/sell at Brighton Indies?

Brighton Indies isn’t a commercial event. We’re volunteer-run and we don’t accept sponsorship (thanks though!).

We – all of us who attend! – have worked really hard to make an event that focuses on creativity and the local community. If you’re a recruiter, platform evangelist, business development type or similar, you’re very welcome to join us – but please take your business hat off when you do.

Do you have a code of conduct/safe spaces policy?

As a small, casual pub meet, we don’t have a formal code of conduct – but we do ask everyone who attends to uphold our values of treating everyone decently and being friendly and welcoming.

If you can’t manage that, please find something else to do on the first Wednesday of the month.

Is Brighton Indies staffed?

The organisers are there for at least the first couple of hours to make sure that everything’s going smoothly, but after about 8pm the event pretty much runs itself. If you need help with anything from finding plug points to introducing yourself, just ask the group! Everyone’s very helpful and we were all new once.